Valeria Iovino
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Age Range
23 - 33 years
Height 170 cm | 5' 7''
Body Type Slim
Size EU 36 | US 8 | UK 10
Shoe Size EU 40 | US 9 | UK 6.5
Appearance Central European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, South European
Hair Colour Blond-Medium
Eye Colour Hazel
Nationality Italian
Languages English*, Italian*, Spanish
Accents, Dialects
English: East European (good), English-Standard*, English-American, English-British, French, Italian*, Spanish
Italian: Milan, Neapolitan, Roman
Voice Mezzo Soprano, Soprano
Singing A cappella,
Stage singing
Instruments Guitar (basic)
Skills Dance Ballroom,
Dancer - General,
Modern Dance
Skills Sport Aerobics (good),
Badminton (good),
Body Building,
Bowling (good),
Boxing (good),
Combat - Stage;
Cycling - Mountain Biking (good),
Golf (good),
Gymnastic (good),
Hula Hoop,
Ice Skating,
Jump Rope,
Kick Boxing (good),
Martial arts - Tai Chi,
Motorcycle Riding - General (good),
Ping Pong (good),
Racquet ball,
Rock Climber,
Roller Skating (good),
Rollerblading (good),
Running - General (good),
Running - Long Distance + Sprint,
Shooting - Revolver / Automatic,
Snow Skiing - Competition + Cross Country,
Snow Skiing - Downhill (good),
Snow Skiing - General*,
Snowboarding (good),
Soccer (good),
Swimming - General + Backstroke + Breast stroke + Butterfly + Freestyle*,
Swimming - Diving (good),
Water Skiing,
Wind Surfing,
Other Skills
Clowning (good),
Comedian (good)
Performance Improvisation,
Mime (good),
Modeling (good),
Animal handling
Location London
1st residence United Kingdom
2st residence Italy
Accommodation options
GBR: London
  ITA: Ancona, Milan, Naples, Rome, Pescara, Procida
Licences Car (B), Motorbike (AM)
Work Permit EU, UK
Associations -
* Native / Fluent / Very good




Film | Stage | Commcerial | Presenter | Voice over | House production

Film and Television
Year Title Role Directed by Production / Casting by
2020 Red and blake rose (Short Film) Clara Cold Visuals Cold Visuals
2017 Alessio Avino (Short Film) Lei Alessio Avino Alessio Avino
2016 STAND BY ME S.R.L. (TV)
Emanuela Bernardo Nuti Real Time
2014 Teatro Instabile Società Cooperativa (Short Film) Ghost Gianni Leonetti Teatro Instabile
2012 Rai (TV)
Tongue Twister
Rai 1
Endemol Italia SPA [it]



Year Title Role Directed by Production / Casting by
2019 SOC.COOP. SMARTIT SOC. COOP. - IMPRESA SOCIALE Arkadina Alice Bertini, Vittorio Magazzù Bakul
2018 VIOLA PRODUZIONI SRL AND SALA UMBERTO S.R.L. Agave Rosa Masciopino, Rozenn Corbel STAP
2018 VIOLA PRODUZIONI SRL AND SALA UMBERTO S.R.L. Valentina Marco Cavalcoli, Katia Ippaso STAP
2018 VIOLA PRODUZIONI SRL AND SALA UMBERTO S.R.L. Arkadina Virginia Franchi, Lorenzo Gioielli STAP
2018 VIOLA PRODUZIONI SRL AND SALA UMBERTO S.R.L. Witch Alberto Bellandi, Daniele Prato STAP
2016 LA COMPAGNIA TEATRO DELLE OMBRE Chorus Daniele Scattina, Enzo Masci Teatro delle Ombre
2013 LA BOTTEGA DELLE MASCHERE Rosa Marcello Amici La Bottega delle Maschere
2012 PERMIS DE CONDUIRE AND SIPARI D'ORIENTE Mirandolina Massimiliano Milesi Permis de Conduire
2012 PERMIS DE CONDUIRE AND SIPARI D'ORIENTE Aoi Massimiliano Milesi Permis de Conduire
2012 TEATRO INSTABILE SOCIETÀ COOPERATIVA Marìa/Washerwomen Gianni Leonetti Teatro Instabile
2010 PERMIS DE CONDUIRE AND SIPARI D'ORIENTE Mary Miyagi Naohiko Umewaka Permis de Conduire












2015-2018 Academy Theatre & Performing Arts "Stap Brancaccio", Rome (Italy)
2007-2010 School of theatre "Permis de Conduire, Rome (Italy)




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Valeria has been passionate about the world of acting since she was little. Even today she remembers her first monologue, during a school play, as a unique sensation of harmony and freedom.
Over the years she continues to achieve increasingly important goals. She graduated from the “STAP Brancaccio” (Academy of Theatre and Performing Arts) in Rome and began working as a theatre actress in various professional companies. At the same time, she obtained a Master's degree in Finance and Banking.
Always carrying on her passion for the theatre, she also began to work in some film projects, both short films and television.
Thanks to her excellent managerial skills and strong artistic sense she decides to devote herself also to directing.
Always eager to improve herself, she also started studying singing.
Being a very active girl, Valeria has tried her hand since a young age in numerous sports including skiing, tennis, swimming and dancing.
Of course, as a good Italian she does not mind good food accompanied by the right glass of wine!
Italian Valeria si appassiona al mondo della recitazione fin da quando era piccola. Ancora oggi ricorda il suo primo monologo, durante una recita scolastica, come una sensazione unica, di armonia e libertà.
Negli anni continua a raggiungere obiettivi sempre più importanti. Si diploma presso l’Accademia di teatro ed arti performative “STAP Brancaccio” di Roma ed inizia a lavorare come attrice teatrale in diverse compagnie professionali. Nel contempo consegue la laurea magistrale in Finance and Banking.
Portando sempre avanti la sua passione per il teatro inizia anche a lavorare in alcuni progetti cinematografici, sia cortometraggi che televisivi.
Grazie alle sue ottime skills manageriali ed al suo spiccato senso artistico decide di dedicarsi anche alla regia.
Desiderosa sempre di migliorarsi, da qualche tempo ha iniziato anche a studiare canto.
Essendo una ragazza molto attiva, Valeria si è cimentata fin da piccola in numerosi sport tra cui sci, tennis, nuoto e danza.
Naturalmente da brava italiana non disdegna il buon cibo accompagnato dal giusto calice di vino!




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