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Lasse Rasch (Born 22. January 1980) is a danish actor and voice artist with many years of experience with both Film & TV acting, Theater and Voice Artist Work. Lasse has worked in the Media industri for more than 11 years in different capacities.
He started in the mid 90's as a Radio Host and has worked at stations like 'The Voice', 'Skala FM', 'VLR' and more. Since 2009 he has been working Freelance and has done many different things since. Everything from small Theather plays, Big Musical Productions, TV shows, Movies, Audio Books, Voice Overs jobs and much much more... He has appeared in movies like 'De forbandede år' and TV series like 'Tinka & Kongespillet', 'Bedrag (Follow the Money)' and many more.


Lasse Rasch er en 40 årig dansk Freelance Film & Teater skuespiller. Har lavet flere store reklamefilm & indtaler ligeledes både lydbøger samt Radio/TV Speaks. Lasse Rasch har lavet både TV serie & Film produktioner og haft roller i film som 'De forbandede år' (Space Rocket Nation) og tv serier som 'Friheden', 'Tinka og Kongespillet', 'En familiesag' samt mange flere. Herunder kan du se et lille udpluk af de seneste roller fra CV'et.

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