Emma Jane


On September 5, 2021, starting at 8:15 p.m., Das Erste will show the new TV Film "Polizeiruf 110".

The actress Emma Jane embodies the role of Susanne Michl.

Directed by Dominik Graf.

Patrick Loose


The actor Patrick Loose takes on the role of Gustav von Struve in the multimedia show Salmen.

Directed by Nicolas Ehret.

Nicolas Stöcklein


The actor Nicolas Stöcklein takes on the role of merchant and publisher "Johann Friedrich Klett" in the TV documentary "1806 - The Nuremberg Saga".

Director: Oliver Halmburger.

Dennis Scholz


New pictures with the actor Dennis Scholz.

Yasemin Delikan


The actress Yasemin Delikan is currently filming for the ZDF series "Die Rosenheim-Cops".

Director: Astrid Schult.

Stefan Evertz


The actor Stefan Evertz had himself photographed by the photographers Daniel Pfeil.

Elsa Loy


New pictures with the dancer and actress Elsa Loy.

Photos © 2021 Marjola Rukaj.

Andreas Forsthofer


New showreel scene from the TV series "Aktenzeichen XY... ungelöst". The actor Andreas Forsthofer can be seen in the role of Alex.

Director: Uli Möller.

Phio Huynh


The actress Phio Huynh takes over the role in the TV series Das Netz directed by Rick Ostermann.

Casting Director: Suse Marquardt (ICDN).

Sandra von Bonin


New pictures with the actress Sandra von Bonin.

Photographer: Anja Mörk.

Julia Nika Neviandt


The actress Julia Nika Neviandt was photographed by Maigut Fotografie in Cologne.

Christa Schreiber


Pictures from the photo shoot for the restaurateur Beckers with the actress Christa Schreiber online.

Photography: Orangepeople.

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