Ana Maria Udroiu


The romania actress Ana Maria Udroiu presents her new monologue for Ukraine.

Denisa-Dilara Erez


The actress Denisa-Dilara Erez is shooting for Penny next week.

Shooting will take place in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal.

Michael Kosterin


New pictures with the actor Michael Kosterin.

Photographed by Swetlana Walter.

Yasemin Delikan


Next week, the actress Yasemin Delikan will be in front of the camera for the second time as a presenter for an online course company in the Netherlands.

Nicolas Stöcklein


New showreel scene from the TV documentary multi-part "1806 - The Nuremberg Saga".

The actor Nicolas Stöcklein takes the role of the entrepreneur Johann Klett.

Julia Nika Neviandt


New headshots with actress Julia Nika Neviandt.

Photographed by John Clark, London.

Denisa-Dilara Erez


New pictures with actress Denisa-Dilara Erez.

Caleb Felix


We are pleased to represent the South Africa actor Caleb Felix from Cape Town.

Valeria Iovino


New pictures with the Italian actress Valeria Iovino.

Photographed by Simon Vince from London.

Gwenn Wunderlich


New pictures with the German-American actress Gwenn Wunderlich.

Phio Huynh


On February 28, 2022, 6:50 pm, the actress Phio Huynh can be seen playing the role of young Vietnamese Lan Diep Nguyen in "Morden im Norden".

Directed by Christoph Eichhorn.

Chanté Grainger


New pictures with the South Africa actress Chanté Grainger.

Photographed by i-choot, Cape Town.

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