Laura Hohmann


The actress Laura Hohmann presents her new pictures.

Lars Doppler


New showreel scene from the feature film Das Geheimnis der Freiheit (Channel: ARD, WDR) with the actor Lars Doppler online

Lars Doppler plays the former SS man Hildebrandt.

Sarah Förster


The actress Sarah Förster presents her new pictures.

Photos © 2020 Cristian Hartmann.

Brian Hatfield


We are pleased to be able to represent the Australian actor Brian Hatfield.

Natascha Hort


The Swiss-Brazilian actress Natascha Hort had herself photographed by the London photographer Nicholas Dawkes.

Lea Farinah


The actress Lea Farinah presents her new film monologues Melancholy and Social Media.

Jakob Englmaier


New About me video in German with the actor Jakob Englmaier online.

Natascha Hort


We are pleased to represent the actress Natascha Hort.

Sonia Sabradeil


We are pleased to represent the French actress Sonia Sabardeil.

Robin El Sayed


We are pleased to represent the actor Robin El Sayed.

Judith Lindebaum


We are happy to represent the actress and presenter Judith Lindebaum.

Christa Schreiber


The WDR shows on 16. Feb. 2020 from 22:15 o'clock "Nicht dein Ernst".

The actress Christa Schreiber can be seen in the role of the mother-in-law.


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